Useful checklists and other documents mentioned in the classic MG buying guide

HPI and the National Mileage Register
A vehicle data check is the best investment you will make when buying a car. The check will reveal whether the car is reported stolen, has outstanding finance on it or has been written-off or scrapped.
Vehicle data check note & DVLA data check
Questions on first contacting a seller
A checklist of the key questions to ask the seller when you first telephone to learn more of their car so you can make notes while speaking with them.
Checklist 1 & Support from the Club's Registers
Essential checks on inspecting a car
A checklist of points for your inspection of the outside and inside of the car and a reminder of the prudent cautions. Take the original advert and the notes of your initial call with you.
Checklist 2 & Support from the Club's Registers
Essential checks on test driving a car
A guide to test driving an MG and the points you will need check as a prospective buyer.
Checklist 3 & Support from the Club's Registers
Sample payment receipt
Make sure you get a receipt from the seller when making any payment for a car, especially if it is made in cash. Ensure the receipt is signed by both parties. Sample receipt
Notifying DVLA of a sale
Following the sale and purchase of the car, the seller as the Registered Keeper must complete Section 6 (the New Keeper Details) of the V5C vehicle registration certificate with the buyer's details as the New Keeper and complete Section 10 (the New Keeper Supplement) and then remove Section 10 and give it to the buyer. Then both seller and buyer must sign and date the declaration at Section 8. The first page of the VRC (Sections 1 to 7) must be sent immediately to the DVLA. This is particularly important for the seller because if the seller does not notify the DVLA that they have sold the car, they will continue to be responsible for licensing the car and ensuring it has a current MOT certificate and motor insurance cover. Most sellers will insist, not unreasonably, that they will attend to this and ensure the first page of the VRC is mailed to the DVLA immediately. It is wise to have with you a C5 envelope and a stamp for that puarpose. More
Vehicle tax/SORN/insurance matters
See our useful series.
More & VED rates
Buying a vehicle: step by step guide
See the GOV.UK webpage. More
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