Selling through a commission sale arrangement with a specialist MG trader
Gain visibility in a trader's showroom
Placing your car with a specialist MG trader on a commission sale basis will have your car well prepared and on expert display in their showroom to get a good exposure to buyers.
Gain visibility in a trader's advertising
Your car will feature on the "cars for sale" stock on their website and selectively in their adverts in club and commercial magazines.
Benefit where a car is serviced by the trader
Where your car has been regularly serviced by the trader, they will have a good knowledge of the condition and maintenance record of the car, so will be able to market the car well.
Avoid the hassle of dealing with buyers
Many classic car enthusiasts prefer not to have buyers visiting their homes to inspect, test drive and haggle for their car. Engaging a specialist MG trader can transfer that role for a commission - usually as a "success only" fee.
Document the commission arrangement
Leading traders offering a commission sale service will have a standard agreement setting out their role (usually on a sole basis), display period, costs, the duties of the seller and of course the fee and payment terms. The trader will advise on the value, give the car a full workshop inspection and prepare the car for display. Sample agreement
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