Preparing your car for sale
Check the basic maintenance items
Regular oil changes are important for the V8 engine, so give the car a good run to get the oil hot and then do an oil change and check the level. Then when a buyer pulls out the dipstick there will be clean, golden coloured oil. Check your brake and clutch fluid levels and screen washer fluid level too. Top up SU carburettor dampers with oil and grease up the front suspension nipples. Replace any failed bulbs.
Clean the engine bay
A clean engine bay free of road grime will be noticed by buyers and suggest careful maintenance.
Check your tyre pressures
Whilst you are checking the tyre pressures, also check the age and wear levels. More
Clean the bodywork and any chrome trim
Wash and leather down the car and then wax polish thoroughly. Pay attention to cleaning the wheels and door jambs, and clear out any accumulations of leaves in gullies or vents. Black up the tyre walls.
Clean the interior, seats, mats and trim
Thoroughly vacuum clean the seating, the mats and under the mats, then clean the trim, windscreen, glass and instrument bezels. Apply a little traditional beeswax to the seat trim as that will give the car a welcoming aroma. Remove any clutter from the arm rest and glove box. Have any stains removed by a professional car valet.
Repair any scratches and dents
Minor stone chips can be removed with a paint touch-up stick, but scratches and dents may need a professional scatch removal service.
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