Private sale or a trade sale
Trade or private sale?
All adverts should clarify whether the car is offered for sale by a trader or offered as a private sale. For adverts placed on the V8 website:
By "trade sale" we mean a car offered for sale by either an individual as a sole trader or an individual acting on behalf of a commercial business, or by a commercial business.
By "private sale" we mean a car offered for sale by the present owner who has owned the car as an enthusiast.
We feel this distinction is desirable, not least for any Sale of Goods Act implications in the UK.
Private sale may be a trader
Some small-scale dealers like to pose as private sellers so when you first call them to follow up an advertisement it is worth just asking about the “car”. Then, if they are selling more than one car as many dealers often do, they may be forced to respond by asking “which one?” - which will give them away!
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