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The first MGs were Morris motor cars modified by Cecil Kimber at Morris Garages in Oxford, unfortunately none of these early motorcars, often referred to as Raworth Chummies, are known to exist. The first known use of the stylised octagonal MG badge was in The Oxford Times in March 1923. All the models, except the Raworths and Tigresses, came with a variety of bodies - 2 seaters with dicky seats, 4 seater tourers, saloons, salonettes and some coachbuilt bodies. The 18/80 also had wide bodied and narrow bodied ‘speed models’. The Tigresses had a special body similar to the speed model. See the review of the Vintage MG models on the Vintage Register website.
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First published in the MG Car Club's monthly magazine Safety Fast! in May 2009.
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Vintage MGs are seldom advertised for sale on the open market and information about cars for sale is spread by conversation between enthusiasts and in the Vintage Register Bulletin published bi-monthly. In an average year only one or two change hands.
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