Buying a classic MG - our guide makes it easier and safer to get the car you want
Guide to buying a classic MG
Our guide covers the essential checks you need to make when you set about buying a classic MG - doing your research so you have a good understanding of the model, making the vital vehicle data check, preparing a checklist of questions to ask the seller when you first call, visiting the seller to check and test drive the car, negotiating the price for the car, ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork, making a safe payment, getting a receipt, the car and the keys and finally notifying DVLA that you are the new registered keeper. See our five part guide to buying a classic MG.
Part 1 - Outline of the guide
Part 2 - Doing your research & checks
Part 3 - Checking a car that's for sale
Part 4 - Negotiating and paying for the car
Part 5 - Buying or selling at auction
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Buying a classic MG
So you want to buy an MG?
Buying an MG at auction
Buying safely
Useful checks
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Vehicle data checks
Contacting the seller
Inspecting the car
Test driving the car
Vehicle inspectors
Sample receipt
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