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Vintage MGs
The first MGs made in 1923 by Cecil Kimber at Morris Garages in Oxford were followed by models with a variety of bodies. More
Triple-M MGs
The pre-war overhead cam MG models include the Midgets (1929-36), Magnas (1931-33) & Magnettes (1932-36). More
The MG SA, MG VA and MG WA models are collectively known as "SVW" and date from early 1936 to late 1939. More
T-Type MGs
The TA in 1936 was followed by the TB in 1939 & revived as the TC in 1945 then the TD (1949) & TF (1953). More
Launched in 1947, the YA four door sports saloon was followed by the now rare two door YT Tourer and then the YB saloon. More
MG Z & Farina Magnette
The ZA (1956) was upgraded as the ZB in 1956. The Farina Magnette followed in 1959 to 1968. More
MGA & MGA Twin Cam
MGA 1500 launched in 1955 was followed by the 1600 Mks I and II. The powerful Twin Cam arrived in 1958. More
MG Midget
Developed from the Frogeye Sprite, the lively Midget has crisp handling. The Mk 3 with a 1275 engine is very popular. More
MG 1100 & 1300
With an MG badge they were a sprightly version of the popular Austin Morris saloons produced between 1962 and 1972. More
Launched in 1962, the Roadster was followed by the GT in 1965 and was soon a popular sportscar in the UK and overseas. More
Launched in 1967, these 3 litre straight six models in Roadster and GT forms were only in production until 1969. More
Launched in 1973, the V8 powered MGB combined the GT body style with a powerful 3.5 litre light alloy V8 engine. More
MG Metro, Maestro & Montego
Launched in 1982, the Metro was followed by the Maestro (1983) and the Montego (1984). More
Launched in 1993, a re-engineered MGB with electronic engine management systems and luxury trim. More
MGF 1.8i & VVC & TF
Launched in 1995 as two models which were followed by further models. More
Three models launched in 2001 included the ZT-T estate version and in 2003 both saloon and estate 260V8 versions. More
Launched in 2003 the extraordinary SV has a 4.6 litre twin-cam V8 power plant and a five speed gearbox from Ford. More
A brand new MGTF was launched in 2008 by NAC following the purchase of the remains of MG Rover. More
Launched in 2011 it's spacious and well equipped, plus it remains composed in bends. More
Roomy hatchback, good handling, competitively priced and an exceptionally low insurance grouping. More
New urban compact SUV concept was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013. Article on the new MG GTS SUV.
MG Timeline showing all the MG models over the years created by Malcom Bailey. More
Paul Goodman takes you through the options. More
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